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Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesLogo Design: $495

Logos are important little artifacts that silently describe all that your company is in one concise package and message. Make sure that message is vivid to the customer.


Refresh your out-of-date logo here or gain a great visual platform to boost your brand new business.


Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesPrint Design: ask for a Custom Quote

Next comes print. If you hand a potential client a distinct business card, they are more likely to visit your website.


All print-design projects are based on custom quotes using a $55/hour estimate on time required for your specific project.


JLI can also develop other print resources for you as well: brochures, postcards, etc.


Custom Website Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesWebsite Design: Starter Sites $1200

After your logo is finalized, presenting your brand online is the next step and so is the development of your awesome new website!


JLI can develop an up-to-date website that is visually amazing and technically sound. I specialize in responsive website design and can help with WordPress development.



Existing Website Changes

Do you have an existing website that needs some love? I can make changes to your site at an my hourly rate of $55/hour. I only need an FTP connection and your list of changes emailed to me to get started.

Get Started

Jessie Lynn Images Building businesses and brands with DESIGN.


Jessie Courson, founder and graphic designer, specializes in the design of logos, websites, and print materials used to boost businesses in the marketplace. Jessie’s sense of design stems from a strong art background, the love of the inner workings of businesses, and the effects of good visual communication. She recenlty relocated to Redondo Beach, CA.

deep green


Breathing in Deep Green: A Quick Trip to PA before Settling in SoCal


What a pleasure to soak up the deep green of PA with a visit to my grandpa's hunt'n camp before we flew out to SoCal. (Yes, you heard in right, "hunt'n" camp.)...

Barre Buddhi Logo Design by Jessie Lynn Images


Traveling to the Land of Milk & Honey: Design Findings in LA


Not surprisingly, our 10 day house-hunting trip to LA was a stressful one. Hunting" must equal stress by definition...



poster design


Poster Project


The OOH asked me to design something for their Summer Youth Production of the Wizard of OZ. I had fun with Dorothy's star-studded shoes and came up with this poster design for this production.



OOH Poster Design


The Old Opera House gets a new website...


...user friendly/ease of use and a design beautifully showcasing their offerings.

OOH Poster Design


OOH Dance Recital T-shirt


"Be Brave" was the theme, so I had a dancer coming into the spotlight



KONTRABANDE Minimalist e-Newsletter Design


Concert set in San Diego, CA